Vice Chairman

WANG Zhaoxing

Mr. WANG Zhaoxing was appointed Vice Chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC) and a member of the CPC CBRC Committee in December 2007. Prior to his current assignment, Mr. WANG served as Assistant Chairman of the CBRC from June 2005 to December 2007.

Before joining the CBRC, Mr. Wang had worked at Shannxi Institute of Finance and Economics and People's Bank of China (PBC). He had extensive working experience in monetary policy and banking supervision. He has represented the CBRC to engage in international financial supervision reform; served as a leading negotiator in banking area for China's accession to the WTO; chaired a series of key programs such as Financial Sector Assessment Program for China's Banking Section, the Implementation of New International Supervisory Standards by Chinese Banks, the Opening-up Program of China's Banking Sector, the Promotion of the SME Financial Services, and the Construction of Off-site Surveillance System and Risk Warning System, etc.

Apart from his positions at the CBRC, Mr. WANG also serves as a member of Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, Deputy Director of China International Finance Society, an executive member of China Society for Finance and Banking, an executive member of China Urban Financial Society, and a member of the Enterprise Internal Control Committee under Ministry of Finance.

In addition, Mr. WANG is a member of the Academic Degree Committee at the Graduate School of the PBC, a part-time professor at PBC School of Finance, Tsinghua University supervising PhD candidates. He received the 'May 1st Labor' Medal", and enjoys the special government allowance from the State Council. He was also elected as a delegate to the 13th Beijing Municipal People's Congress, and a delegate to the 14th Beijing Xicheng District People's Congress.

Mr. WANG was born in 1959 in Jilin province. He received his Ph.D. in Money and Banking in 1990 from Shaanxi University of Finance and Economics.

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