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Speech by the CBRC Vice Chairman WANG Huaqing at 2010 Lujiazui Forum 2010-06-26
Chairman LIU Mingkang delivered a keynote speech to Asian Financial Forum 2010-01-20
Vice Chairman Jiang Dingzhi emphasized that middle and large sized banks should… 2009-12-22
Chairman Liu Mingkang’s Speech at the Opening Ceremony of the 6th Global Annual… 2009-11-17
Liu Mingkang stresses reasonable control of credit supply, strong risk manageme… 2009-10-21
Strengthening Risk Management and Promoting Bank Card Business 2009-07-28
Disciplinary Commissioner WANG Huaqing’s speech at the Syndicated Loan Awarding… 2009-07-07
Vice Chairman CAI Esheng’s Speech at the 2009 China M&A Annual Conference 2009-06-23
Vice Chairman CAI Esheng’s Speech at the China Financial Summit Meeting 2009-05-25
Chairman LIU Mingkang’s speech at the 2009 Lujiazui Forum 2009-05-21
Chairman LIU’s speech at the Caijing Magazine Annual Meeting 2008-12-13
Vice Chairman JIANG Dingzhi’s Speech at the 2008 Beijing International Financia… 2008-11-24
Disciplinary Commissioner WANG Huaqing:Facing evolutionary compliance challenge… 2008-10-17
Chairman LIU Mingkang’s Speech at the 2008 First Lujiazui Forum 2008-05-09
Chairman LIU Mingkang's speech at British Museum 2008-05-02

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