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The Risk-focused Supervision Leads to the Substantial Decline of the NPLs 2004-01-18
The CBRC Approved the Preparatory Establishment of the First Three Auto Financi… 2003-12-19
A New Milestone in Opening Up China s Banking Sector 2003-12-09
The CBRC Council of International Advisers concludes its first meeting 2003-11-29
The China Banking Regulatory Commission will Hold the First Conference of the C… 2003-11-16
News Release on the Promulgation of the Implementation Rules for the Administra… 2003-11-12
to questions raised by the press concerning the promulgation of the Implementat… 2003-11-12
News Release on the Promulgation of the Administrative Rules Governing Auto Fin… 2003-10-04
Answers of a CBRC official to questions raised by the press concerning the prom… 2003-10-04
Establishing a new policy coordination mechanism,enhancing financial regulation… 2003-09-18
The CBRC identified the supervisory priorities for the coming years for the who… 2003-09-04
The letter from Liu Ming Kang,the chairman of CBRC, to Mr Jaime Caruana ,Chairm… 2003-08-14
The responses to the press by the senior official of the China Banking Regulato… 2003-08-14
Council of International Advisers to be set up in the China Banking Regulatory … 2003-05-23

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