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CBRC Issued the Guiding Opinions on Improving the Quality and Efficiency of the… 2017-04-07
CBRC Officials Took Questions from the Press on the Notice on Certain Businesse… 2017-03-01
The CBRC Issued the Notice on Certain Businesses Conducted by Foreign Banks 2017-03-01
The CBRC Issued the Guidelines on Online Lending Fund Depository Business 2017-02-23
The CBRC Released Supervisory Statistics of Q4 2016 2017-02-22
Information on Development of the Banking Industry in 2016 2017-01-25
The CBRC Issued Guidelines on Regulating the Banking Industry in Serving Enterp… 2017-01-25
The CBRC issued the Guiding Opinions on Supervision of Private Banks 2017-01-05
Financial Leasing Companies Gained Progress in Serving the Real Economy 2016-12-29
The CBRC Solicits Public Opinions on the Guidelines on the Management of Collat… 2016-12-16
Consumer Finance Companies Show Positive Effect in Boosting Consumption and Imp… 2016-12-15
Speech at the Inaugural Meeting of China Great Wall Asset Management Co.,LTD 2016-12-14
Private Banks Gained Great Progress in Enhancing the Quality and Efficiency of … 2016-12-08
China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC) Solicits Public Comments on Rules fo… 2016-11-28
The CBRC Issued the Guiding Opinions on the Legal Advisory Work of Banking Inst… 2016-11-28

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