Decree of China Banking Regulatory Commission

No. 1 2012


The Capital Rules for Commercial Banks (Provisional) has been adopted in the 115th chairman meeting of China Banking Regulatory Commission ("CBRC"), which is hereby promulgated for implementation as of January 1, 2013.



Chairman: Shang Fulin

June 7, 2012


Capital Rules for Commercial Banks.pdf
Annex 9 Calculation Rules for Exposures under Securitization Framework.pdf
Annex 10 Calculation Rules under Standardized Measurement Method.pdf
Annex 11 Supervisory Requirements on Internal Models Approach for Market Risk.pdf
Annex 12 Supervisory Requirements on Operational Risk Measurement.pdf
Annex 13 Risk Assessment Criteria for Commercial Banks.pdf
Annex 14 Supervisory Review of Advanced Capital Measurement Approaches.pdf
Annex 15 Requirements on Information Disclosure.pdf
Annex 1 Eligibility Criteria for Capital Instruments.pdf
Annex 16 Requirements on Validation of Advanced Capital Measurement Approaches.pdf
Annex 17 External Ratings Use Code.pdf
Annex 2 Regulatory Weighting Approach.pdf
Annex 3 IRB Approach Calculation of Risk Weighted Assets.pdf
Annex 4 IRB Approach Categorization of Exposures.pdf
Annex 5 Supervisory Requirements on IRB Approach.pdf
Annex 6 IRB Approach Supervisory Requirements on Risk Mitigation.pdf
Annex 7 Calculation Rules for Specialized Lending Exposures.pdf
Annex 8 Calculation Rules for Counterpart Credit Risk Exposures.pdf

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