Vacancy Announcement for Overseas Talents

China Banking Regulatory Commission (hereinafter referred to as the CBRC) is a ministry-level government agency directly under the State Council with the mandate to supervise and regulate banks, financial asset management companies, trust investment companies and other depository financial institutions. For the year of 2011, we decide to open the following 5 positions and warmly welcome qualified overseas financial talents to join us.

Code Number





Major Field

Job Responsibilities



Banking Supervision Department II

Off-site Surveillance


Director or Deputy Director

Financial Conglomeration

Keep track of the international developments of financial conglomeration and its regulatory trend; assess developments of financial conglomeration in China.

Holder of master’s degree or above with more than 5 years’ relevant experience in overseas financial institutions or regulatory agencies.


Banking Supervision Department IV

Off-site Surveillance on

China Development Bank(CDB)


Deputy Director

Banking Regulation

Assist the Director in developing off-site surveillance policies and rules for CDB; collect, monitor and analyze off-site surveillance data and issue early warnings in a timely manner; assign regulatory rating on CDB; draft regulatory reports; guide CBRC local offices to supervise CDB branches and subsidiaries on an on-going basis; other assignments entrusted by the Director.

Holder of master’s degree or above in the major of Finance or Economics from a university recognized by the Ministry of Education of China; more than 5 years’ practice in banking regulation or other field in the banking industry; holder of CFA or more than 3 years’ experience in financial analysis.


Non-bank Financial Institutions Supervision Department

Wealth Management & Innovative Business Supervision



Finance, Accounting, Laws, Securities Investment Analysis

Supervise the investment & wealth management business of trust companies and innovative banking business including derivatives.

More than 8 years’ experience in the financial industry; holder of master’s degree or above obtained from world-renowned university; more than 3 years’ relevant experience in world-renowned financial institutions.


Cooperative Finance Supervision Department

Risk Supervision



Director or Deputy Director

Risk Management of Commercial Banks

Guide the implementation of the New Basel Capital Accord; supervise risks including credit risk, market risk and operational risk; oversee the allocation of economic capital and the measurement of regulatory capital.

Under the age of 35; holder of a master’s or PhD degree; more than 3 years’ management experience in relevant area.

The closing date for application is July, 31th, 2011. Please state the position you want to apply for in your CV and send it to before the deadline.

Contact person: Ye Rui

Tel:  86-10-66278756


HR Department, CBRC

June 21st, 2011  


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